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To my tumblr friends I have been talking to recently on here:

I love how we become friends so quickly on here :]
God bless you beautiful people.
I love you so much and treasure you dearly!
If you want to talk, I promise I will be here to listen.
It doesn’t have to be something crazy or bad, nor does it have to be anything exciting or weird. Or it can be all of those things. Anything! I want to hear from you!
Anon or not.
And I think of you guys all the time.
I love you and am thankful for every single one of you <3 

Posted on March 1st at 12:49 PM
Tagged as: journeytoanewcreation. awkwardstarfishs. -dejalenae-. other people I don't talk to much but would love to get to know!.
  1. caarlyrachel said: I love you Lindsay <3
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